Everyone’s moving towards this Indian “Superfood” now!

It’s not surprising that whenever we are in trouble, we think of going back to the basics. The basics are simple, and generally contain the solution to everything. As they say “sometimes the answer lies in the most simple”. For thousands of years, our Indian dietary systems had one important ingredient that got eliminated with the times. It is nutritious, has good fats, and can even cure some fundamental ailments. As we adapted a slightly modern lifestyle, we eliminated “fat” from our diet, all this while we were ordering a cheeseburger with Diet Coke.

Just because something comes from tradition doesn’t mean there is no science behind it. In fact, our forefathers were probably very aware of the human anatomy, more than we are aware of our favourite Instagram influencer. The superfood is none other than – Ghee!

Everyone is gushing about the benefits of Ghee these days. Whether you are on a specific diet or simply drink your bulletproof coffee every morning, if you read up on the benefits of Ghee, you will come across a multitude of content.

So what is Ghee?
Known as clarified butter, ghee or butterfat is a substance that comes from milk fat that is easily digestible and high in nutritional value. Butterfat is made by heating butter, which helps separate water, salt, and milk solids, leaving concentrated golden butterfat/ghee. In India, Ghee  is extracted from milk fat, and it has a pleasant flavor and can be easily digested as well as possessing high nutritional benefits. Ghee has been used as a superfood for years.

Ghee is an ayurvedic ingredient that is gaining popularity as a weight loss aid as it is rich in protein, iron, sodium, calcium, vitamin A, D, E, and omega fatty acids. In addition to reducing fat, ghee is rich in vitamins that act as antioxidants and strengthen the immune system.

The health benefits are:
–  Healthy fats in ghee promote weight loss.

–  Increases energy and immunity: It contains high levels of proteins and vitamins, which improve immunity and energy.

–   Health benefits of ghee include lowering cancer risks, heart diseases, and diabetes: Ghee contains a natural form of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) that benefits weight management, blood glucose regulation, and heart health among other things.
– Improves heart health: Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to the heart since they help reduce cholesterol levels.
– Improves digestion: Butyric acid present in ghee works as a detoxifier and helps improve digestion.  

Fun Fact: Kareena Kapoor Khan, the actress, said in an interview that ghee was her favorite food and it kept her mind, body, and soul happy. She adds it to everything, including her dal, parantha, and in her food.

Ghee must be eaten without fear, doubt, or guilt. So will you consume this superfood on a daily basis? With Choksha giving you options like Organic Ghee, Cholesterol Free Ghee and Ghee with Probiotics, it shouldn’t be so difficult to #MakeTheSwitch, right?

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