5 amazing vegetarian breakfast options that taste better with the good ol’ ghee!

Can we be honest with you? Sometimes, we wake up on a Sunday morning just for breakfast. Sometimes we are on a diet. Sometimes, it is supposed to start “tomorrow”. Either way, Sunday is supposed to be a happy day, right? We know, we know. Monday blues hit us harder on Sunday than Monday, but that’s in the evening. We are talking about that glorious morning. Where we just sit in front of the TV, or with our family, gorging on some delicious hot breakfast. Enjoying every bite. Relishing every morsel without thinking about burning the same at the gym. Ahh breakfasts!

What if those breakfasts can be recreated everyday? What if we can have that delicious plate of hot, nutritious meals with a dollop of goodness every single day? Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal, and we are here to tell you how to make them even more nutritious, delicious and oh so memorable!

We know, we know. Healthy breakfast, especially on an Indian palette, can look like too much work, but trust us, they are not. By doing the care minimum, we can have that nutrition delivered to us right in the morning to get us started for an amazing day. You want to know the secret? Some ghee! Yes, the most #MisunderstoodSuperfood hiding in our kitchen waiting to be understood. It has good fats, it has nutrition and it is so, so yummy. They can transform our everyday breakfast into delicious platefuls that we won’t be able to get enough of. 
Here are 5 amazing vegetarian breakfast options that are easy to make, and taste so much better with our good ol’ ghee:

Sauteed Vegetables: Yeah yeah, just putting the “most boring” breakfast option out there first. Why the “quotes”? Because you haven’t tried sauteed vegetables with ghee. Bunk the oil or butter or whatever it is that you use to cook those colourful vegetables, and just add a spoonful of ghee. The taste changes, and how!

Upma: Don’t we all have some great memories attached to Upma? Some like it without peanuts, some with. Some like it without cashews, some with. Some like it plain, some with veggies. If there is one ingredient that everyone agrees upon for a delicious plate of Upma, it’s Ghee! Ask yourself honestly and let your heart (and tongue) tell you how delicious it is when Upma is made in Ghee.

Going to the kitchen already? Wait. We have some more options for you!

Paratha: Parathas in oil, parathas with butter, parathas with ghee. Each one tastes unique (and tasty), but the one with ghee is the most nutritious. Giving it a natural glaze and smoothness, Parathas are a staple breakfast in North India (and even a staple lunchbox for school kids in many parts) and they taste so much with ghee! Stuff them with potato, paneer or just anything else, and don’t forget to add that dollop of ghee!

Idli: Need we say more? Okay. Ghee Idli. Imagine and get your mouth watering while we also plan our next breakfast – Idli! Already a healthy dish to have, an extra spoon of ghee adds all those nutrients and fats needed to give us that extra kick of energy!

Puri Bhaji: Who knew that just by replacing one ingredient, we could make an extremely delicious plate of Puri healthy, from unhealthy? No points for guessing that we are talking about replacing oil with ghee. With Choksha Ghee having 80% less cholesterol, it is just a matter of time before Puri Bhaji becomes a staple again, even for those gym freaks out there.

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