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Super food for the new normal

Ensuring your whole family’s wellbeing by bringing Choksha's range of ghee products packed with nutrients and the goodness of nature.

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Choose Choksha - Choose good health

We believe in conscious consumption. With us, the choice is all yours. You can choose the perfect product from an array of excellent options.

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Enjoy guilt-free Ghee with Choksha

We strive to improve your life quality by offering cost-effective, healthy food products

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Our Products

Cultured Cow Ghee

World’s first live cultured
probiotic ghee

Cholesterol free
Cow Ghee

Enjoy ghee guilt free

Organic Cow Ghee

Why choose normal ghee, when you can have 100% certified organic cow ghee

Available On

We are here to make Choksha ghee available to you in just a few clicks!  You can find us on these e-commerce giants.

Combo Offer – ₹999

We are here to make Choksha ghee available to you in just a few clicks!  You can find us on these e-commerce giants.

Coming Soon

Choksha Promise

Choksha products abide by the global quality control standards. We regularly carry out strict quality control and assurance tests to ensure our products’ goodness. You can count on us to bring you high-quality products.
We ensure all our products are:

  • GMO (Genetically modified organisms)-free
  • Pesticides, antibiotics, and harmful chemicals-free
  • Lactose- free
  • Hormones-free
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • More nutrients and vitamins


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